Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy Deficit, Batman!

I didn't expect much, but I didn't expect this.

The White House has projected a record. And of course, it's not a good one. The George "Let's Cut Taxes Right and Left" W. Bush White House has announced today that it projects a record deficit for 2009 of $482 BILLION (said in a Dr. Evil voice).

You know that this doesn't shock me. But here's what does: there are still people out there that think massive tax cuts that do nothing to stimulate economic growth are good things. This amazes me. Anyone with a quarter of a brain has got to realize that disaster looms when you deplete the country's funds on all sides (two-front war, anyone) and the give massive tax cuts to the rich who don't spend that money, but save it (this is why Reaganomics or Trickle-Down economics do not work). Don't worry about that giant surplus Clinton handed to you, Dubya--just spend it all on your precious oil war.

I mean what's next? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus but he's not coming this year due to fuel prices.

Just shut down the country and start from scratch. And appoint Robert Reich as head of the Fed already.

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Cher said...

Good for people to know.


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