Monday, July 28, 2008

SG At the Movies: X-Files I Want to Believe (So I Did)

I used to be a BIG X-phile. It's faded over time, but I've never lost the appreciation for the show. So my excitement over the movie led me to start getting DVDs via Netflix to catch up. I didn't catch up in time, but nevertheless, I saw the new movie "X-Files: I Want To Believe" on opening day. Mr. SG agreed to go with, but I think it was more out of guilt over a missing payment than anything else. He doesn't care for the X-Files. Too bad for him.

I think this movie was something that you had to appreciate the characters of Mulder and Scully to like. For people like Mr. SG it was probably boring as hell. But for people like me that thrived on the tension between the two, it was exciting and even memorable. Notably, the two are now cohabitating and neither work for the FBI anymore (sans this escapade into a missing persons case), but nevertheless, the tension still remains between their beliefs and their ways of thinking. I've never seen such a successful movement from a will-they-or-won't-they couple to an actual couple in my life. For that they deserve much credit.

The movie worked on a purely stand-alone basis though. There was a story and it followed through quickly on the plot. It never left you stranded wondering where the story went. It kept you interested and even intrigued.

There were also nuggets for us Philes of old. AD Skinner, who maybe is a bit higher up in this fictional world at the FBI now, appeared to help Skully save the day. There were mentions of past psychics that the pair delt with at the X-Files. Hell, even the inner-conflict in Fox Mulder between trying to believe as a way to try to save his abducted sister and seeing things that just don't add up to a true psychic ability was still there. Hell, even the poster that gave this installment its name was a focal point in Mulder's home office.

All in all, I enjoyed the film. It wasn't spectactular, but nothing that comes this far after the fact usually is. (And I certainly disagree with the various negative reviews it received.) I don't think it was ever going to compete for the top box office, so it's 4th place finish is still a victory to die-hard fans.

Nevertheless, it was a great voyage back--and a nice look forward--for us Scully-Mulder fans.



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