Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Sarcastic "Holy Crap" Goes Out to Those In Line for an iPhone

It's bad enough that Mike Wendland has practically peed his pants in anticipation for the 3G iPhone, but now CNN is on the hook too.

These tech gadget types need a life. Hanging out in line for a phone that will likely drop in price and increase in availability in a month? Get a job and get a life.


Anonymous said...

Not every one defines "life" the same way you do. Waiting in line for stuff like this is usually an experience on its own. It's more of a social event than anything, and isn't specifically just for the sake of getting the product asap. People make friends and have fun. It's a gathering of people equally enthusiastic about something and therefore have something in common. How is this any less of a life than being holed up alone in an office cubicle? I'm sure there's something you do in your free time that will seem retarded to someone else.

Oh yeah and there is such a thing as vacation time.

tom dunne said...

Let me make sure I get this:

You're a serious blogger. You update your blog several times a week, if not several times a day. And one of your updates today, one of the three you've made, you're telling others to "get a life."

Did I get that right? I think I did. Blog nerd vs. tech nerd. Fantastic. I admit I'm a little conflicted, I don't know if I want to call this irony or if hypocrisy is more appropriate, but I do know it's simply delightful.

If you should end up in a nerd slap fight with your enemy tribe of nerds, remember to get some video - bruises are temporary, but YouTube fame lives forever.

Stay cool, tech hatin' blogger person.


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