Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I Dreaming? Gas is going down?!?

The nice part about working 8 miles away from work is that I fill up only once a week. The bad part about filling up once a week is that it still costs an arm and a leg. (You'd think a 2003 Neon would be more fuel efficient than it truly is.)

So lately I've noticed that gas prices have dipped some. I'm not the only once that has noticed this. It's true--gas prices have fallen for 20 days in a row. This must be a record for 2008.

I should probably fuel up before reality sets in and I wake up again. It's sad that I dream of cheap gas.

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The Plastic Mancunian said...

You should see the price of petrol (gas) in England. It's always been high but now its so lofty its almost cosmic.

I've just had a look at US gas prices - $4.11 for a gallon - that's roughly $1.08 per litre.

In the UK we are paying £1.23 per litre, roughly $2.26. So in the UK you would be paying $8.56 per US gallon.

I hope my maths is correct but you can see what I mean.

Terrible isn't it?



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