Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SG's Tunes: John Mayer, Where The Light Is: Live in Los Angeles

I need to start writing about music. I listen to it all the time. I have things to say about it. Isn't that what this blog is for?!?!?

It's no hidden fact that I adore John Mayer. I always have ever since I bought Room for Squares at the Virgin Megastore in Chicago and drove home to the enchanting sounds of John in a blizzard. I never once got bored of that CD. And although Heavier Things wasn't a critical success or a chart-topper, I really liked it and it suited my life at the time. But up until now I've never really been that in to his live stuff. Sure Any Given Thursday was fun, but was it really fun to listen to all the time? And Try! had some live stuff, but it was questionable.

I think John finally hit his live stride in Where the Light Is. The two-CD set is composed of three performance types: acoustic and mostly solo, the trio, and the live band. This gives a perfect blend of John's capabilities as a dynamic performer and yet allows you to enjoy some favorites. And even though there are a lot of non-album tracks, you never feel unsatisfied.

SG's Rating: 8.5 out of 10



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