Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh, Kwame. You really do move me.

But it's not in a good way.

Kwame's little Canada trip cost him a trip to jail. This is all over the national news. You can watch video of his arrival at jail here.

This all makes me wonder...what will it take for the voters of Detroit to turn on Kwame for good? I understand that they're attracted to what once appeared to be a young, charismatic, Black leader, but they've got to be disgruntled after playing the fool to this man for so long. This city's been waiting so long to exhale from this misery, it's damn near passed out and been lefrt for dead.

So what does it take Detroit? Your mayor is in jail tonight. IN JAIL. Think of this as a break...

It's time to consider a permanent break up.


MarilynJean said...

hot mess. hot ass mess.

Karen said...

I blogged about this sad state of affairs (pun intended) last week too. It's time for Kwame to hit the road.


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