Monday, August 11, 2008

Pour Two Forties: Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes

How cruel was the world this weekend? First they snatched Bernie Mac from us and then Isaac Hayes! It was like a double whammy--a King of comedy and Chef.

SG's Thoughts on Bernie Mac:
God I loved Bernie Mac. I'm not even lying. I really felt a bit heartbroken on Saturday. The Mac Man--gone. I don't know whether it was his humor, his personality or his work, but I loved the man. I loved him in the Oceans movies, but more importantly on The Bernie Mac Show. That show was so funny and, for once on network TV, portrayed the true trials of a normal Black family. It dealt with race, class, sexuality, gender...all of it. It was a brilliant commentary on our time, and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you rent it. It's genius.

SG's Thoughts on Isaac Hayes:
There are greater fans than me for sure, but I did love the fact that Mr. Hayes voiced Chef on South Park for so many years--even before it got big. (I'm going to ignore the point in time where he got pissed off at the Scientology stuff and decided to leave the show for awhile.) This is all on top of the fact that he did the Shaft theme song. I mean, that alone would have guaranteed him legendary status.

Rest in peace Bernie and Isaac.

Pour a forty...


dmane said...

My favorite people are passing. I think its time to start getting ready for the journey

d.funkt said...

its so sad about isaac hayes and bernie mac. isaac hayes had an amazing voice outside of being on south park and he really paved the way for a lot of artists...he was rapping before they called it that. he was big muscular and bald when a lot of guys had more sleek builds and afros. he was dripping in gold before big daddy kane bought his first rope chain. people will be sampling and covering his songs for a long time to come...jay-z sampled him, ashanti sampled him, and the hebrew hammer [great movie] was a take off on shaft and relied heavily on hayes' theme for shaft. plus! he was the first black american to win an oscar for best movie theme. amazing career. and he just dropped dead. so young.

sorry, i know that was a long comment. just wanted to say hello. stop by any time.


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