Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SG on TV: Last Season Picks From "Lost"

In light of the fact that TV sucks lately, I'm going to bring you a steady dose of some of the best scenes from television last "season". (I use the term lightly as seasons vary from cable to network.)

The first in this series is my favorite scenes from Lost this past season. Both are from the episode "Something Nice Back Home."

The first one is where Jack wakes up and we learn (*gasp*) that he's living with Kate and Aaron.

The second one, is where Kate reassures Jack that he is good with Aaron and Jack asks her to marry him.

It's too bad the episode had to end with them going their separate ways. It was just a tease for us "Jate" fans. I demand retribution!

Now I have to wait patiently until January for more answers. Where's the Island? Are Sawyer and Juliet the next big thing? What did that redhead mean that she was from the Island? What will happen to Desmond and Penny? Was Aaron meant to go back as well? What's Claire's glitch?

Eh...dog days of summer, indeed!



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