Monday, August 18, 2008

SG on TV: Californication

I am a huge David Duchovony fan. I've watched all of his movies whether good (Kalifornia) or bad (Playing By Heart). I've enjoyed his guest stints on television (Sex in the City). But nothing seemed to be able to capture the character of Fox Mulder I came to know and love in the X-Files.

After the movie came out, I've been in a weird X-Files rut. I've been stalking old X-Philes fan sites and even reading some (gasp) fan fiction (I'm sorry, Lord). Part of it was my love of X-Files. Part of it was my love of David.

So I decided it was time to put my On Demand to use and catch up on David's new project, Californication, before the new season started. I watched the pilot a long time ago and enjoyed it, but never stayed in touch.

Let me tell you--I have a new favorite character. Hank Moody.

I have been hooked on the show for a week now, finishing the first season wherever I could find time. Duchovony plays Hank Moody, a writer going through a mid-life crisis who is self-loathing, hilariously sarcastic and yet with a beautiful person lurking at the core. Duchovony slips into the role like a lady of the night slipping into something lycra spandex. His relationship with his ex and his relationship with his daughter are always key, notwithstanding his descent into the abyss of alcohol and drugs. Hell, the show had me wanting a Camel Light like I haven't wanted one in years. Duchovony makes down and out look like a paradise that you want to join but can't quite come to grips with the costs associated.

And although he had a fairy tale ending that I won't give away here, I watched the previews for the second season and I'm happy to say that Hank, quite like me, has trouble adapting to fairy tale endings.

With all the sarcastic banter and one liners, this show is good as a distraction or an obsession. I'll take both.



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