Friday, October 31, 2008

Eye of the Tiger, Barack. Eye of the Tiger.

Polls are still showing an Obama victory within reach. Even Stephen Colbert endorsed him and last night in his segment called DaColbert Code he had a preminition (several actually) of an Obama victory.

In that vein, I realize that the taste of sweet victory may be on our lips and in our minds, but we must remember that the fight is still on and, as Rocky Balboa once said to Apollo Creed, "I didn't hear no bell." McCain is looking to gain votes where ever he can and if you think the GOP machine is going to rest easy and let this one slip away, you're crazy.

Therefore, to motivate those of you feeling as if you can just phone it in over the next few days and not hit the pavement, the interwebs and the phone lines full force, here is a video of one of the most inspirational songs of our time: Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger."



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