Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The GOP is Desperately Seeking Gwen

In another sick, sad and gruesome attempt to somehow postpone or cancel tomorrow night's VP debate, the GOP has decided to stick it to the one person they haven't tried yet--the moderator, Gwen Ifill.

I have grown up watching debates with Gwen Ifill and, let me tell you, there ain't no one more impartial then Gwen Ifill. She takes her job seriously and doesn't let her personal views get in the way.

So imagine my surprise today when I get some news that there is "controversy" around Ifill because (God forbid!) she's writing a book about race and politics...a book that is more historical than opinion and just happens to feature Barack Obama because, well, he's the first Black presidential candidate from a major party.

Since I have time because I can't leave work yet, I decided to pull up Gwen's bio. There is nothing so much as a hint of the so-called "liberal bias" that GOPs like to spew when backed into a corner. Of course, aside from the fact that she's BLACK.

Then I meandered over to the other moderators' bios.

Jim Leher is a BUS ENTHUSIAST. Therefore, he must favor public transportation. As such, he must be liberal because he wants to preserve a socialized form of transportation. I guess we should go back in time and cancel that debate.

Tom Brokaw, who is hosting the next Presidential Debate is on the SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS BOARD OF VISITORS AT THE HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE OF HOWARD UNIVERSITY!!! Naturally, he must be biased to Obama.

Clearly, the only qualified candidate they got to moderate was Bob Schieffer--who happens to be an old pal of George H.W. Bush and went to a Christian college (and not one of those fancy Black colleges either). Now there's a solid guy.

Let's just cancel everything but that last debate. Obviously the debate commission is biased.

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The Road Less Traveled said...

I love Gwen! She did a stellar job of moderating the VP debate for the 2004 election. I remember that she asked about the global AIDS crisis, both Cheney and Edwards skirted around it and talked about AIDS in the US. Gwen was like "uh uh, I asked you about the global AIDS crisis!" She doesn't play games...


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