Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And I Thought It Was Just Me

Sometimes I wonder if I have a bad memory or if something really has changed. It's a constant second-guessing thing that can drive me nuts if I let it. Lately that thing has been driving me nuts over whether it was just me or whether Obama was moving extremely quickly throwing together a Cabinet. I mean, if this freaking thing were from Ikea it would take more time to put together. (Assembly-required furniture joke, people.)

But it turns out that I was right. It happens every once in awhile. Obama's team is moving at light speed to get the proverbial Jedi Council together. W. and Clinton waited until December to make their first picks.

I think it's a smart idea to move quickly this day in age, but it could cause problems down the road. Penny Pritzer has already jumped ship because of the media scrutiny and while I don't think she was any prize, there's likely to be some casualties from such a rapid-fire succession of announcements.

But I guess whatever keeps the Dow bouncing up at the end of the day is worth some praise.

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Jonathan said...

Two things to consider:

First, neither W. or Clinton were facing a situation that suggested, let alone demanded, that announcements were made ASAP. If all three made their announcements at a time appropriate to the state of the nation, it's difficult to draw any conclusions about how fast they made their decisions.

Second, to determine how fast something is moving, you've got to have both a start and a stop date. It's not enough to know that Obama is announcing earlier in the calendar than past president-elects, you've got to know when he seriously started thinking about his team. Given national circumstances, I'd bet he put in a lot more thought into his cabinet over the summer than the last two presidents did. He might actually be taking longer to make up his mind than W. and Clinton.


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