Monday, November 10, 2008

The measurements for new curtains begin

Obama is making his first trip since the election to the Oval Office today. I wonder if Michelle will come with him to help him feng shui the place out. God knows it needs it after the past eight years. In fact, it probably needs a seance and some herbs to be burning in the corner. It wouldn't hurt to replace the carpet either--you know W's spilled shit on there and never told anyone about it (and to be fair, I would have too).

Here's what I suggest--limit the family pictures and just go for a clean look. I can tell you from the clutter on my desk that a clean office would be a great start. You can always add things later if you need them.

Oh, and nothing says "it's just another day at the [Oval] office," like a red stapler.

1 Comment:

MarilynJean said...

I have fantasies of them making their order list for Staples. Like...does he get wild and order a multi-pack of gel pens? Does Michelle like legal pads????

Eeeek! And I read how she stayed behind in D.C. to check out schools. Can you imagine the parent-teacher meetings with those two? Oh wait: they just had one in Chicago.



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