Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Cool, McCain Camp. Not Cool At All.

I dislike Sarah Palin just as much as the next normal American. I think she was unqualified, irresponsible and a constant drag on any type of real conversation about the issues. In fact, as I have made known before, I think her selection was the reason McCain lost so easily.

But now, the disjointed McCain staffers are playing fast and loose with their new-found hatred for Palin and blaming her for everything for being naive. It's a drastic turn from two weeks ago when she was the true family-values warrior.

Instead of finding fault with a campaign so unorganized and unfocused that it imploded months ago, the staffers are turning on Palin calling her a "diva" and "dumb." It blows my mind that they've turned on the very characteristics that they claimed to love in Palin from the beginning, just to blame her for the very fact of their loss.

I can't decide if this is blatant sexism (blaiming the VP candidate who happens to be female over the actual presidential candidate who happens to be male and, well, the candidate), or just plain stupid. What I do know is that it signals a long road ahead of the GOP to mend wounds within their own party before they can attempt to make a plea to the American people either in the midterm elections two years from now or in four years.

The fact is that it isn't Sarah Palin's fault per se that the McCain camp lost. I think her selection cost the campaign dearly and made the loss very easy, but it wasn't her fault--it was McCain's fault for selecting her. He didn't properly vet his candidate and chose to inspire a base that would have voted for him anyhow because they weren't going to vote for a Black baby killer. (In fact, it is coming out that the reason the GOP lost so big across the nation was because of moderates, not the so-called "base".)

Nope, this loss was not Sarah's fault. This was all YOU, Johny boy. It was your choice and your choice alone. So own up to it and come out against these attacks. We all know she's dumber than a doornail when it comes to current events in the world. But your campaign staffers need to stop using it as a blame-sheild to block the career-killing bullets aimed their way.

That would be the real mavericky thing to do, in my opinion.

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Regina said...

Sad watching how the Republicans imploded and seeing how they are blaming the entire loss on Palin. I did not like Palin, I thought she was not vetted properly, wasn't ready, and simply not smart enough for this position but I do not believe she lost the campaign.
I truly believe she was picked to energize the republican base but more so to swing the female vote. McCain choose badly and foolishly. In essence McCain lost this race. His campaign was weak, his strategy obsolete. Obama did not steal the race he worked harder and smarter and deserves the win.


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